SS 2019

  • Mathematik für BiologInnen II, details for participants provided in the Moodle course
  • Übungen Statistik für BiologInnen und Biophysiker (Tutorials), details for participants provided in the Moodle course
  • Computational Neuroscience (Oberseminar)

Wednesdays, 12:30-14:00h in the ITB seminar room (Philippstraße 13, Building number 4, Room 012). In this seminar, various topics of current research in computational neuroscience are presented. Attendees should have basic knowledge in neuroscience and computational neuroscience.

05.09.2019 15:00h Panteleimon Vafeidis
Learning of a path-integrating circuit

10.07.2019 Paul Pfeiffer
Capacitance clamp

03.07.2019 Jiameng Wu
The effect of synaptic plasticity on the synchronization of networks with homoclinic spikes

28.06.2019 15:00h Saeed Salehi
Sparse synchrony in pulse-coupled oscillator networks

26.06.2019 Eric Reifenstein
The benefit of phase precession for sequence learning

19.06.2019 Kai Lun Teh
Cortical organization in V1

12.06.2019 Pia Rose
Temperature-induced heart arrhythmias - a mathematical modeling perspective

05.06.2019 postponed

24.05.2019 14:00h Andreas Herz
Depolarizing afterpotentials shape the burst activity of grid cells during navigation

22.05.2019 Philipp Norton
Modeling premotor control of calls during vocal interactions in songbirds

15.05.2019 Ludmila Litvin
Temperature-dependent synchronization behaviour in the Quadratic Integrate-and-Fire Model: From Single Neurons to Neural Networks

08.05.2019 Paula Kuokkanen
Linking single cell activity to the EEG in the auditory brainstem

01.05.2019 No seminar (Tag der Arbeit)

24.04.2019 Bastian Pietras
Firing rate equations for quadratic integrate-and-fire neurons with electrical and chemical synapses

17.04.2019 Natalie Schieferstein
Part I : Theory of Ripple Oscillations - what do we know, what don't we know and how to proceed? (Official talk & discussion)
Part II: Pypet - an experience report / discussion (for people who are interested to learn about pypet - the “Python Parameter Exploration Toolkit”)

10.04.2019 Mahraz Behbood
Activity-Induced Changes in Ion Concentrations Switch Cellular Dynamics in Favor of the Brain's Rhythmic Activities