WS 2018/19

  • Computational Neuroscience (Oberseminar)

Wednesdays, 12:30-14:00h in the ITB seminar room (Philippstra├če 13, Building number 4, Room 012). In this seminar, various topics of current research in computational neuroscience are presented. Attendees should have basic knowledge in neuroscience and computational neuroscience.

13.02.2019 Paul Pfeiffer
Acetylcholine - the logical switch of cell intrinsic memory

06.02.2019 Jiameng Wu
Characterizing the topographic organization in the mouse visual system using Neuropixels probe

30.01.2019 Tizia Kaplan
Extracellular Field Potential of a single cell in the Nucleus Laminaris of the Barn Owl

23.01.2019 Philipp Norton
Isochronous rhythmic organization of learned animal vocalizations

16.01.2019 Eric Reifenstein
Quantifying phase coding in human intracranial data

09.01.2019 Pia Rose
Early afterdepolarizations in cardiac cells

19.12.2018 Denis Alevi, 1pm @ BCCN
Computationally efficient neural network architectures for speech separation and their application to hearing aids

Nelson Niemeyer
Using DW-MRI to track spreading depolarization in mice

Janina Hesse
Resting-state fluctuations and their relation to potassium concentrations

05.12.2018 Tiziano d'Albis
Modeling the inheritance and amplification of grid-cell activity

Ludmila Litvin
An Introduction to Synchronization of Quadratic Integrate and Fire Neurons

Saskia Grabe
Terminal spreading depolarization and electrical silence in death of human cerebral cortex

21.11.2018 Roberta Evangelista
Emergence of sharp wave-ripple events in a 3-population hippocampal network

14.11.2018 Janina Hesse
Symmetry-breaking of phase susceptibility enhances synchronization in coupled neural oscillators

07.11.2018 Paula Kuokkanen
Neural timing of stimulus events with microsecond precision

31.10.2018 Susana Contreras
Neuronal (+ Glial ) Membrane Potentials, and Potassium Fluctuations during Sleep

24.10.2018 Natalie Schieferstein
Theoretical approaches to understanding ripple generation in recurrent interneuron networks

Mahraz Behbood
Extracellular Potassium - Ictal bursting and spreading depolarization

Pia Rose
What killed the fish? - The effect of extracellular potassium and temperature on cardiac cells