SS 2021

  • Computational Neuroscience (Oberseminar)

Wednesdays, 11:30-12:30h online. In this seminar, various topics of current research in computational neuroscience are presented. Attendees should have basic knowledge in neuroscience and computational neuroscience.

16.06.2021 Gaspar Cano
Connectivity motifs in CA3 pyramidal cells

02.06.2021 Moritz Drangmeister
Spatially structured inhibition via polarized interneuron axons

19.05.2021 Paul Pfeiffer
Capacitance clamp

05.05.2021 Liz Weerdmeester
Evolutionary design principles of the weakly electric fish organ:
an environmentally robust electrocyte

28.04.2021 (3pm!) Mehnoush Faghani
An analysis of MEA data for examination of KCC2 effect on Human epileptic tissue